The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv 10.3 – Phaervorul.
Entry 1 – We began the battle by rushing the mob. The first vrock fell quickly to us. Orontor proved to be quite deadly with his scourge, I’m glad he’s with us. Some of the ghouls left the rear of the pack, looks like they may try to circle around and flank us.
Entry 2 – The remaining vrock flew overhead and landed behind us. Orontor and I will try to handle it while Azz and Gor keep cutting thru the remaining ghouls.
Entry 3 – The ghoul leader went down just as the rest of the horde completed their encirclement. Behind them another drow appeared and began to provide arcane support, it took me a moment to realize that it was Jhaelant! He seemed unusual somehow though. He didn’t respond to my challenge nor to Orontor’s questions. He did however summon a ghostly beholder. Bastard. He just pissed away whatever small chance he had of surviving.
Entry 4 – Azz had already moved up to deal with the last vrock and the undead. We were planning on doing the same when Jhaelant cast some charm on us that turned our legs to stone! We were held in place. Azz had his hands full with the vrock and Gor was holding off the beholder even though he was stuck as well.
Entry 5 – Orontor was the first to realize that the stone form that held us was an illusion. Being able to disbelieve helped us shake it off. Around the same time Gor discovered that the ghost beholder was just an illusion as well. We threw the enchantment and finished Jhaelant off fairly quickly.
Entry 6 – After the battle Orontor and I began to speculate. What had caused Jhaelent’s strange behavior? His movements were strange, he didn’t speak or even try to retreat when the fight went against him, not to mention that he was fighting alongside the undead forces that were invading his city? The answer was revealed while we searched his corpse. He was marked with one of those damned Orcus brands. Eryindia was supposed to have gotten us a ritual to dispel that effect, unlikely that we’ll see that now. After a quick rest we move on the temple.



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