The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv 9.6 – Fastormel.
Entry 1 – We had Caravan touch off an area effect to neutralize some of the weaker foes. That served as an adequate signal for the trebuchet crew and Azzark was sent flying over the wall. I have to hand it to those guys, they can be deadly accurate when need be. Their aim delivered Azzark to the field of battle in the form of a direct hit to Skalmad’s head. This is how more of our battles should begin.
Entry 2 – With Azzark now on scene things began to heat up. I focused on the weaker opponents while Caravan kept the troll shaman distracted. Gor, Azzark, and Arawn engaged Skalmad and his formian advisor.
Entry 3 – Most of the minions went down fairly easily. The ones that remained didn’t seem so dangerous. Skalmad, the formian and the troll shaman however had some devastating attacks. That isn’t good even in the best of circumstances, given our weakend condition it could prove fatal, literally, I’m extremely grateful for Caravan’s presence. Some small hope, we were able to bring down the formian before he hurt us too badly, Skalmad though was a different matter.
Entry 4 – Once we shifted our focus to Skalmad he seemed to become more dangerous somehow. The addition of his new magic eye seemed to make him more… potent. He also took to targeting me more frequently. In retrospect, being the only one in this fight who was “present” at the theft of the cauldron, I can see how he might direct slightly more aggression my way. Unfortunately this resulted in me taking a direct attack and my unconscious form being kicked into one of the nearby patches of burning debris.
Entry 5 – Luckily Caravan was close enough to pull me out of the fire. At about the same time, Gor was incapacitated by an attack. Azzark, not being able to do anything for him, dropped a smoke screen to cover his withdrawal and was able to pour a potion down my throat. Having been restored to my senses, I was able to get to Gor and render aid. While I couldn’t heal him, I was able, at least to keep him from bleeding to death.
Entry 6 – While all this was going down, Azzark, Arawn and Caravan were able finish off Skalmad. Upon seeing this, his troglodyte and troll shaman both cut out for safer places. Azzark severed Skalmad’s head and tossed his remains into one of the fires. As he was cutting off his head, Azz noticed that his magic eye had vanished. Damn! I hoped to carve that out of his skull and study it. For now we have more pressing matters. We need to show Skalmad’s army his severed head as proof of his death. Hopefully that will evoke a similar response as it did with the others.



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