The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv 9.7 – Fastormel.
Entry 1 – Azz, Arawn and Caravan took Skalmad’s head and marched off to the lines with it. While Azz shouted threats and challenges at the attackers, I drug Gor and the loot we recovered into the nearby farmhouse to wait out the retreat that I hoped would come.
Entry 2 – Victory! As they approached the wall with their leaders head, the forces of Skalmad broke and ran! Within a handful of minutes they had all fled. I had some men take Gor to the field hospital where one of my acolytes still had some healing powers left and was able to get him back on his feet. Meanwhile, I contacted Fist Ironjaw, commanding the relief army and ordered him to change course and pursue the remnants of Skalmad’s forces. When we all got back to the wall, I stood atop the gates and gave a speech honoring the brave soldiers who held the line and “The Heroes of the Battle of Fastormel”; Azzark, Arawn, Gor and Caravan. The rest of the afternoon was spent putting out fires and tending to the wounded. By the time the evening came around there was one hell of a celebration going. I had other things to do though.
Entry 3 – Erindiya of Dis had moved from being an embarrassment to a problem in need of removal. There was also the issue of gaining control of the cauldron, I’m not sure why Erindiya would want it, but I’m sure that it is no good for us. Since she was most likely still in Phaervorul, I began by attempting to contact Orontor or another of the Mages of Saruun as they would have the most up to date information on anything related to the underdark.
Entry 4 – I contacted Orontor and after a conversation, learned that he was currently in Phaervorul. The city was under attack by an undead army and he was trapped inside one of the houses. He asked us to come for him. He told me to go to The Seven Pillared Hall and one of his apprentices would provide us with a map to Phaervorul. Now I just need to talk the others into this.
Entry 5 – I tracked down the others and with some convincing everyone agreed to make the journey to Phaervorul. Now for some rest, I’m exhausted.
Entry 6 – How interesting. It’s amazing what can change during the course of a night. I was visited by another dream. It offered some interesting insights into past and current events. Upon sharing it with the others, any doubts regarding our mission were immediately washed away. We were making preparations when King Faren arrived to inspect the battle’s aftermath. While he was saddened by the loss of life and angered at the damage inflicted, it was impossible not to hear the pride in his voice when he spoke of the strength and courage of the Legions of Nentir. Needless to say he had no qualms about authorizing our expedition to Phaervorul, in addition to removing an enemy, this could be a chance to further strengthen our relationship with the Mages of Saruun. We set forth soon after.
Entry 7 – Thunderspire. We made fast time to Thunderspire. The roads having been repaired and regularly patrolled lent themselves to a speedy journey. We made our way back to The 7 Pillared Hall. Upon arriving we stopped to see Rendil Halfmoon and some of the others we had met during our first visit. They seemed glad to see us and it was good to see that they were doing well, but this isn’t a social call.
Entry 8 – The 7 Pillared Hall. We made our way to the summoning circle and requested the attention of one of the Mages. One of them arrived and presented us with a map to Phaervorul. It seems Orontor had been in contact with the other Mages. They informed us that they were “unable” to provide assistance, unwilling is more like it. According to the map, Phaervorul was a few days journey. The passage would not be suitable for horses so we left them in the care of Rendil and got moving.
Entry 9 – The Underdark. We traveled for a few days, following the trade route to Phaervorul. The days and nights blurred together and we strayed from the road a time or two, luckily Azzark was able to find the right path again. The route on the map ended in a vast cavern. A large stone bridge spanned the chasm and led to the entrance to Phaervorul. But first we would need to make it past the guardians.
Entry 10 – We moved to engage. There were 3 creatures that resembled spiders with too many legs and a giant spider type creature. The spiders with extra legs seemed intent on trying to drag anyone they caught of the side of the bridge, the big one more interested in trying to poison us. At least they don’t seem too powerful, that’s always good news.



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