The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv 6.4 – Gardmore Abbey

Entry 1 – After a quick rest and some healing we prepared to move forward. The enemies in the next room were prepared for our arrival, thus we entered in our usual fashion. We were confronted with 9 drow warriors, a bone naga and an illitihid! When we entered, it seemed that the naga and mind flayer were attempting to de activate a series of runes in a circle on the floor. Once we entered the room, they turned their attention away from it and focused on us, naturally.

Entry 2 – The battle that followed was one of our more… unique encounters. The illithid attempted to repeatedly dominate various members of the group, luckily I was able to provide some assistance to their efforts to shrug off the effects. Most of the drow went down rather quickly, while most of our attacks were directed at the illithid. As it became more wounded, it attempted to teleport away. We were able to stop it in time though. Once it was dead, the naga and the remaining drow simply, stopped. It seems that they were completely under the control of the illithid, probably by means of those crystal spikes we found in their heads, and without any direction had no will of their own. Parn has expressed an interest in looking after the drow. The results could be interesting, assuming we are ever able to find a way of removing the shard from his brain without killing him.

Entry 3 – Parn and I were eventually able to disable the last of the runes on the floor and gain access to the vault beyond. Inside we found a nice bit of coinage, an empty chest, and the remains of an old paladin. His last message seemed to indicate that the relic (most likely the original relic from the Gardmore Abbey tale) had been moved from here. I would’ve like to have known this man’s name. We may never come to know how he came to be sealed up in this room, but he seemed to have embraced his fate willingly. Rryet will wield his enchanted hammer, I believe that the old paladin would be pleased at that, and Parn placed his remains inside one of the chests. Perhaps not a proper burial as it were, but he stood guard over this chamber for many decades, it seems right that he be allowed to continue. The other hallway led to yet more looted rooms, this leaves but one avenue left, we’ve decided to take a rest before we attempt to breach the sealed area.

Entry 4 – We’ve gained access to the sealed rooms, the makeshift wall yielded easily before us, clearly a quick and poorly built barrier. The passage beyond led us to what seemed to be a memorial room with stairs leading deeper into the dungeon. The walls were covered in remembrances dedicated to fallen comrades, a place of mourning and of honor. We continue onward.

Entry 5 – The lowest level of the abbey seemed to be a mortuary level. We found tombs and burial vaults. We also encountered a wraith the seemed to be all that remained of the late Lord Markelhay. It was quite deranged and I’m not sure if it even knew where it was anymore. We were able to quickly dispatch it and after a brief search of the area, found our prize, Moonbane! Our mission accomplished we returned briefly to the ceremonial chamber to allow me, by use of the shrink ritual, to collect the undamaged altar and secure it for travel. My goal having been met, we made haste for Fallcrest.

Entry 6 – As usual we were granted an immediate audience with Lord Faren. He seemed in awe as we presented him with Moonbane. It was almost as if he could finally see everything that he had hoped for suddenly coming to pass right before his eyes. We were then given our promised reward, our appointments as Knights of Honor! So here we are, nobility now; quite a journey it’s been. For his part, Toby was made a sergeant in the Fallcrest militia. Lord Faren then bid us good evening, many things to plan; and it seems that I will be giving the invocation at the ceremony when he is crowned king! I’d better get to work on a speech.



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