The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv 10.1 – The Underdark.
Entry 1 – The battle started off well enough. The demonweb horror first hit us with a poison based attack, the others recovered quickly but I had some trouble shaking it off. The smaller creatures focused on trying to grab someone and the attempting to drag that individual over the side of the bridge. Unfortunately they succeeded. One of them got Arawn and hauled him over the side.
Entry 2 – Phaervorul. It was gone for only a short time before skittering back up, alone! As Azz and Gor kept the others busy, I secured a rope and went over the side of the bridge to try and find Arawn. I climbed down beneath the bridge. The underside was a tangled mass of webbing. I called out for Arawn but got no response. Looking around I was able to make out something that looked like a body suspended in a cocoon of webs, hanging like a piece of fruit. I made my way over to it and brushed the webs from its face.
Entry 3 – Regrettably the body turned out to be the corpse of a durgear. I sensed that he had some magical gear on him, but that will have to wait. Seeing no other sign of Arawn I made my way back up to the bridge as Azz and Gor were just finishing off the spiders.
Entry 4 – My fears are confirmed. I used a Hand if Fate ritual and confirmed Arawn’s location. It seems he had fallen after being drug from the bridge. We located his body on the floor of the chasm. We first pulled up the body of the durgear hoping that he had something on his person that could assist us. This did not turn out to be the case. Azzark went down to secure Arawn’s body so that I might attempt to raise him. As I preformed the ritual I witnessed the same shadowy dragonlike entity that I had witnessed during Nimozaren’s ritual swoop down and snatch Arawn’s soul from the skies of the Shadowfell. This does not bode well at all.
Entry 5 – Having been unable to raise Arawn, we decided to proceed as it seemed our best chance to penetrate the Shadowfell and retrieve Arawn’s soul. We took his hand so that I might try again once we had done so.
Entry 6 – I contacted Orontor to get directions to the embassy. He advised me of its location and asked us to make haste as it was under direct attack. We made our way thru the ruined city, hearing sounds of combat from other areas of the city. We arrived at the Saruun embassy to see the doors torn off at the hinges, bodies everywhere and some undead drow warriors inside, preparing to assault deeper into the embassy. We’d best move quickly.
Entry 7 – Saruun Embassy. Gor charged in with me close after. He pulled the drow wights in close so that I was able to hit them with a rebuke undead. This was the signal for Azz to come in thru a window and move into flanking position. I’m somewhat apprehensive, going into battle down a man (or dragonborn as it were) but hopefully the rescue of Orontor will make it worthwhile.



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