The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv 10.4 – Temple of Lloth.
Entry 1 – Before we climbed to stairs to the temple, Orontor asked to know why we were so set on storming the temple and killing the matron mother. Feeling that he could be trusted, I told the story of the theft of the cauldron and subsequent attack on Fastormel by Skalmad. I also told him that we had it on excellent authority that the matron mother had been replaced by the succubus, Eryndia of Dis. Upon learning of this, and that she was supposedly working on a counter ritual for those affected by the Orcus brands, Orontor seemed resolved to carry our cause with us.
Entry 2 – The approach to the temple was clear of any resistance. There was no vantage point for anyone within to view out attempt to enter, so we were able to investigate the door without being disturbed. The temple doors seemed to be secured with some sort of arcane lock. With the assistance of Orontor, I was able to use a knock ritual to remove all locks, both magical and physical. The doors would still not open, however. It seemed as if some heavy weight had been placed against them. Orontor then completed our entry with a passwall ritual and we were able to enter the temple.
Entry 3 – We found ourselves in an entrance hall. The passwall tunnel closing behind us revealed a large amount of rubble piled against the doors to the temple. The corridor beyond was lined with statues and guarded by a grey render that was secured to the floor by a length of very thick chain. It was supported by 2 drow sentries who seemed to object to our presence, needless to say they soon attacked.
Entry 4 – The battled progressed well at first. Azzark slipped past the render to engage the drow while the rest of us handled the render. Things were going well until a new drow emerged and cast an area effect spell that necessitated a quick escape. Luckily, Gor had already been grabbed and thrown against the opposite wall by the render. Orontor and I were able to teleport to safety.
Entry 5 – Meanwhile, another drow had entered the fight. He was noticeably stronger than the others and seemed to have some sort of magical gloves that further enhanced his strength. We pushed on and were able to finish them all off. Gor is to be commended, he used one of his fighting stances to devastating effect, while Orontor used his spells/scourge attacks quite effectively.
Entry 6 – After the fight, while we searched the fallen, we noticed that the gray render was covered in brands, just like the dragon that we’d fought before. There was one difference though, these brands were the symbol of the hand and eye of Vecna! I can’t sat that I find this surprising. Eryndia used the information and materials that we gave her to create her own version of the control brand. It’s not like we gave anything to her under the condition that it be used only in the creating of a counter ritual. I’ve moved past being irritated with her, whatever slim chance she may have had to buy her life has evaporated like smoke in the wind.



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