The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv. 4.5 – Fastornel

Entry 1. After a short rest we continued on with the exploration of the ruins, making our way ever closer to the tower. A few streets down we became aware of a strange odor. As we progressed we discovered the source, troglogytes. They appeared to be guarding some abandoned buildings. We decided to try a 2 pronged attack. Tamm and Rryet circled around and hit them from the back, while the rest of us charged to front ranks. The battle began well, we dropped the first few quickly. The battle stalled when some troglodyte reinforcements joined the fight, but we quickly regained out momentum and finished them in short order.

Entry 2. – Mistborn Tower. We arrived at the base of the tower, it seems that the tower was older than we first thought, it was reminiscent of the Arkhosian Empire. We found that the pillar of mist that surrounded the tower was part of a defensive perimeter. There was a lightening effect associated with the wards, we found ourselves unable to approach too close to the tower. I began to attempt to disable the wards when they suddenly collapsed, Parn seemed to have some knowledge of what had happened, he pushed open the gates and proceed inside as if he had some purpose within. It seems we have no choice but to follow along.

Entry 3. – Tower Interior. Parn led the way through the tower, up to the 3rd level where he claimed that we would find some help. On the 3rd floor he went into a study and claimed a staff with a headpiece shaped like a dragon. Upon touching it he froze for a moment, as if he had had a vision or someone were speaking to him. Parn then announced that we must venture to the 4th floor to confront intruders that were inhabiting the tower. Rryet and Tamm grew quite agitated over Parn’s refusal to reveal how he had obtained this information, we may need to address this issue in the near future.

Entry 4. We climbed to the 4th level. The first thing that we noticed was several tracks in the dust on the floor between the 2 rooms. Booted feet and something with small hooves, Parn indicated we should proceed through the door on the left. We opened the door and were immediately attacked by 2 Shadar-kai. During the battle the dark one from my vision joined combat, upon seeing Parn he flew into a rage and began to direct his attacks at him forsaking anyone else. The comments lent more evidence to my belief that Parn had done some great wrong to him, not that it was undeserved. The burn scars and his reaction to Parn’s fire based attacks leads me to believe that he has tasted Parn’s flame before.

Entry 5. We finished off the Shadar-kai and the minions that they summoned, the dark one escaped through a portal in the other room. We saw another room through the portal, laying on the floor were 2 bodies, they appeared to be Nimozaran the Green and his apprentice. An examination appeared to show that the Shadar-kai had been searching through the books in the library. They had been focusing on the earliest books, books from the days of Arkhosia. We took a quick rest and then stepped through to resume our pursuit.

Entry 6. Fallcrest – Septarch’s Tower. We found ourselves in a room of the Septarch’s Tower in Fallcrest. We will most likely have to see about raising Nimozaran, after we do so I’ll be very interested in asking him how long he has had a portal to the Mistborn Tower in his parlor. That will need to wait, however, we have a vampiric dark one to kill.



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