The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv. 7.1

Entry 1 – Unification Day. The ceremony went rather well. I gave the keynote speech, followed by King Faren announcing the formation of the Kingdom of Nentir. The ceremony closed with the presentation of his crown and a triumph down to the market green of Lowtown where a great feast was held. The drink having been generously provided by the Garrick clan and the meat by the Rothe ranches of the Harkenwold. The dining and drinking lasted all night long, dignitaries from all over Nentir and other areas were in attendance. During the evening a messenger from the King requested that we report to him in the morning. Better make it an early night.

Entry 2 – The next morning we were shown directly to King Faren. In recognition for our actions we were made Fists in the newly formed Nentiran Legionnaire’s! We were being sent to the south, to the Confederacy of Oradum, a small confederation of city states on the coast of the Sapphire Sea. The ruler Gondra, was having problems with raiders and we were being sent to assist in response to a request for aid. Our assistance will hopefully be the beginning of a military alliance between them and Nentir. A boat was being readied to take us downriver.

Entry 3 – The trip down the river was uneventful. We diverged onto the Blue River two days north of Southport. After 5 more days we arrived in Seryth Oradum. The city was good sized and quite picturesque. We were directed to Gondra’s manor straight away. His residence struck me as being part mansion, part fortress. Gondra got straight to the point. He stated that the raiders were dwarves from a region to the north, he felt that the attacks were designed to weaken the Confederacy. It seems that the raids started just over a year ago, shortly after the disappearance of the city’s former ruler, Lord Felmora. He explained to us the situation and outlined a simple plan by which we would pose as guards on an Oradum ship and pretend to join the raiders after they attacked. The plan was straight forward enough, Gondra planned to send the ship in 2 days. He had secured rooms for us at the Seabreeze Inn. This gives us a couple days to enjoy the city.

Entry 4 – Seryth Oradum. We departed the city 2 days later on schedule. Everything was quiet until nightfall of the 2nd day when the raiders attacked. We followed the plan and pretended to switch sides and help the dwarves. Once the Oradum guards saw that we wouldn’t be fighting on their side, they quickly surrendered. We were initially treated with suspicion but were able to convince the raiders to take us with them. We soon discovered how the raiders have been so successful. They sailed in small pill shaped metal vessels that had the ability to sail underwater! The commander was a grizzled dwarf named Baran, his Lt’s. are a Halfling and elf, Mallum and Prine. We were taken aboard and after a cruise of a day or so, we arrived at the dwarven city in the Shrouded Crags. The city was carved into the side of the cliff face in an area perpetually obscured by fog. Once we docked, we were presented to the dwarven ruler, Morn.

Entry 5 – The Shrouded Crags. Morn seemed interested in hearing our story. He bade us to accompany him to the upper level of the city, to his throne room. As we entered the throne room the 2 guards escorting us were felled by a crossbow quarrel. A group of assassins then emerged from their cover and attacked Morn! The quickly engaged us as well, it seems that we will be best served in defending Morn.



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