The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Adv. 6.3 – Gardmore Abbey

Entry 1 – We made our way deeper into the level. Past 2 sets of oversized double doors. They led us into another large chamber occupied by more drow and 2 trolls. They seemed to be under the same effects as the previous group that we encountered. The trolls had some devastating attacks, but due to the quick actions of Toby and Tamm, we were spared the worst of the priestess’s wrath.

Entry 2 – After the battle, we found that all the creatures also had the same crystal spikes in their heads as the others before. This is getting more and more intriguing. There was a set of stairs leading down to the next level of the dungeon. We sent Tamm on ahead to scout the area.

Entry 3 – The stair took us to the 2nd level of the abbey. We found a large corridor with several armories and vaults that had all been looted and abandoned years ago. The corridor ended at a blocked up archway. It was a recent and quickly done job, not even proper masonry, just a bunch of loose rocks and rubble stacked and mortared into place. Inscribed in blood on the wall was a symbol drawn in fresh blood. Though not recognizing it, we were able to tell that it was a rune to ward off undead. We felt it best to finish clearing this level before tearing the wall down to investigate.

Entry 4 – The remaining double doors opened into another large room guarded by 2 more trolls and 4 drow. One of the drow was a necromancer who got us with an attack just as we entered the room. He didn’t last too long with Toby and Tamm concentrating on him, Parn was able to take down most of the remaining drow, the trolls fell soon after. Entry 5 – Success! During a search of the chamber after the fight, we found a fully intact altar buried beneath a pile of debris. I had begun to worry that all we would find was shattered and desecrated ones. We will take a short rest before moving on.



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