The Nentir Irregulars

Campaign Journal of Izen the Cold

This journal chronicles the travels and adventures of Izen the Cold, cleric of Kord, member of The Company of Fang & Steel.

Interim 3

The day has arrived! The past 8 months seemed to go by in a blur. The Gnomish settlement on the Nentir River was granted a charter by Lord Faren. The new town of Fenshire elected Namfoodle Garrick, the clan patriarch as it’s 1st mayor. Riverguard was completed along with stage 1 of Vandal Station. Construction began on stage 2 and the guard tower of Eastern Watch. Shadowfell Keep is reoccupied and the Shadow Portal has been quiet. The mines above Winterhaven have been expanded and are producing iron, copper and some gold hand over fist. Trade has been moving through the Vale in volume not seen since Nerath’s days. Fastormel is up and running smoothly. In fact, things went so well that Lord Faren requested our assistance in managing the reconstruction of Lowtown. All the new settlers and refugees from Sigil had the town bursting at the seams. There were also some new merchant concerns that set up operations in Fallcrest to take advantage of the Fastormel/Sigil trade corridor. So, I was able to put my plan for rebuilding Lowtown into action, not as I’d intended though. We rebuilt the walls, bridge, and many new houses and warehouses. After Lowtown was moving on it’s own, we were sent out to towns and settlements beyond Nentir Vale, a declaration of presence as it were. After a couple months we completed our grand tour and returned home, just in time for King Faren’s coronation.



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