• "The Spymaster"

    "The Spymaster"

    A mysterious figure rumored to be advising Lord Faren. Revealed to be a Raised Douvin Staub.
  • "The Stalkers"

    "The Stalkers"

    Ranger corps within the Nentir Legions. Originaly formed from elements of the Fastormel Rangers.
  • A'Kin


    Ravaasta dwelling in Sigil. Owner of the Friendly Fiend, an exceptional magical trinket shop.
  • Aaron Markelhay

    Aaron Markelhay

    Oldest son of Faren Markelhay - currently away in Southport
  • Aeros


    A dark one of mysterious allegiance.
  • Alluvius Ruskin

    Alluvius Ruskin

    Tiefling in Sigil. Owner of Tivvum's Antiquities, a gate-key shop in the Market Ward.
  • Amara Azaer

    Amara Azaer

    Head of House Azaer. Cooperated to an unknown extent with the Crimson Syndicate, Aeros, and his master. Allowed them safe haven.
  • Ander


    Leader of Blood and Bone
  • Arantham Gravespeaker

    Arantham Gravespeaker

    Exarch of Orcus - Formerly Talis Mandragoran
  • Bairwin Wildarson

    Bairwin Wildarson

    Proprieter of a general store in Winterhaven
  • Baran


    Dwarven submarine Capt. of the Shrouded Crag's fleet.
  • Baron Stockmer

    Baron Stockmer

    Elderly ruler of the Harkenwold Barony (deceased).
  • Beland


    First merchant the party met in Sigil, sells general merchandise. Recommended Gunter as a good Tout and directed them to the Seekers Plaza.
  • Berrian


    Eladrin Invoker - Former Member of Blood and Bone. Accompanied Zirithian during the betrayal.
  • Blood and Bone Company

    Blood and Bone Company

    A group of Nentir Irregulars serving Lord Faren in Fallcrest
  • Brock


    Aide to Baron Stockmer until the Baron's death. Appointed as Magistrate of Harkenwold by King Faren upon Harkenwold's absorption into the Kingdom of Nentir.
  • Caravan


    Human agent of Estavan in Sigil
  • Caruvial


    Tigerclaw barbarian. Priestess, senior acolyte in Fastormel temple of Kord.
  • Cayia Sylvanira

    Cayia Sylvanira

    Tam's Sister
  • Deadhold


    A desolate wasteland west of the House of the Black Lanterns in the Shadowfell. Somewhere in the wasteland is an unholy temple to Orcus that once contained a gate that opened into the Keep on the Shadowfell near Winterhaven.
  • Death's Reach

    Death's Reach

    Apparently some sort of Primordial Prison - location unknown
  • Dirina Mornbrow, High Priest

    Dirina Mornbrow, High Priest

    High Priest of Erathis in Fallcrest. Has been trying to convert Izen to Erathis lately.
  • Donal


    Tigerclaw barbarian. Priest, acolyte in Fastormel temple of Kord. Brother of Manech.
  • Doresain, The Ghoul King

    Doresain, The Ghoul King

    Exarch of Orcus
  • Douvan Staub

    Douvan Staub

    Former Sgt. in charge of Fang and Steel - killed in action outside of Winterhaven. Raised and became Lord Faren's spymaster. Promoted to High Fist, senior commander of the Legions of Nentir.
  • Dreskin


    A store owner in the Seven Pillared Hall
  • Erindiya of Dis

    Erindiya of Dis

    Succubus. Sergeant of Dis, under Dispator. Currently under contract with Lord Vecna. Made a deal with Fang and Steel to complete a scrying ritual for Vecna in Nenlast and escape unharmed.
  • Estavan


    Oni Mage. Head of the Planar Trade Consortium of Sigil. Dwells in The Lady's Ward.
  • Forestann


    Druid of Melora - aided Fang and Steel with training/raising their dire wolves
  • Gedlan Ironjaw

    Gedlan Ironjaw

    Dwarven paladin. Fist in the Nentir Legionnaires.
  • Gendar


    Drow store owner in the Seven Pillared Hall
  • Gondra


    General and former ruler of Seryth Oradum. Removed by Fang & Steel as a traitor and usurper.
  • Grundelmar


    Priest of Pelor in the temple to Pelor, Kord, and Bahamut in Fallcrest
  • Gunter


    Tout the party hired upon arriving in Sigil. Appears knowledgeable and well connected.
  • Harvak


    Thane of Clan Glintshield.
  • Jaerrick


    Ancient warrior in Izen's dreams
  • Karavakos (Kalarel)

    Karavakos (Kalarel)

    Tiefling wizard - last seen being dragged into a portal to the Shadowfell and in Izen's dreams
  • Karuk Abjen

    Karuk Abjen

    Fist in the Nentir Legionnaires, commander of the Vandal Station fortress.
  • Kavaki


    Goliath fighter - member of Blood and Bone
  • Kelson


    Owner of the Lucky Gnome Tavern - runs the River Rats - aquaintance of Tamuunasta's
  • Keothi


    Goliath fighter - member of Blood and Bone
  • King Faren Markelhay

    King Faren Markelhay

    Originaly the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. Now ruling as King of the Kingdom of Nentir.
  • Ladiir Sylvanira

    Ladiir Sylvanira

    Tam's Brother
  • Lady Allande Markelhay

    Lady Allande Markelhay

    Wife of Lord Faren
  • Leranon


    Elven Shadowmage in Gloomwrought. Member of the Veiled League. Sent the party through a portal to Sigil.
  • Lidda


    Parn's mother. Farmer in Nenlast.
  • Lord Armos Kamroth

    Lord Armos Kamroth

    Rich landowner and adviser to Lord Faren
  • Lord Ernest Padraig

    Lord Ernest Padraig

    Ruler of Winterhaven
  • Lord Felmora

    Lord Felmora

    Ruler of Seryth Oradum, ally of Nentir.
  • Lord Sevrym

    Lord Sevrym

    Ruler of Timbervale.
  • Mages of Saruun

    Mages of Saruun

    Rulers of the Seven Pillared Hall
  • Mallum


    Halfling Lt. of the Shrouded Crags. Later revealed to be a traitor and double agent of Gondra.
  • Manech


    Tigerclaw barbarian. Priest, acolyte in Fastormel temple of Kord. Brother of Donal.
  • Marinessa


    A young local girl, newly inducted as an acolyte in the Fastormel temple of Kord.
  • Morn


    Ruler of the dwarves of the Shrouded Crags.
  • Na-Roan


    Shadar-kai Blacksoul. Led an unsuccessful ambush of Fang and Steel with the apparent goal of relieving them of their shiny's. Fled and was run down by Tammy of the Fleet Feet.
  • Namfoodle Garrick

    Namfoodle Garrick

    Gnome patriarch of Clan Garrick. Mayor of Fenshire village.
  • Nebba


    Parn's father. Farmer in Nenlast.
  • Nerull


    The ancient God of the Dead. Overthrown by his consort, a human sorcerer-queen who died and entered his realm of Pluton. She destroyed Nerull and seized his power but the other gods intervened and only allowed her dominion over Death, not over the Dead
  • Nerull's Fragment

    Nerull's Fragment

    A strange weapon/artifact rumored to be a piece of the dead god Nerull himself, it's true powers are not known. Hidden in the Nentir Vale for thousands of years, recovered by Zirithian after betraying Blood and Bone.
  • Nightshade


    Ancient warrior of Izen's dreams
  • Nightwyrm Fortress

    Nightwyrm Fortress

    A massive fortress east of the House of the Black Lanterns in the Shadowfell roughly corresponding with Thunderspire in the Prime. Rumored to be ruled by a powerful shadow dragon.
  • Nimozaran the Green

    Nimozaran the Green

    "High Septarch" of Fallcrest - Resides in Septarch's tower and considers himself the head of the Fallcrest Mages Guild despite having only one other member, a halfling named Tobolar Quickfoot
  • Olan


    Dark One boatsman that ferried the party from Skinstown to Gloomwrought
  • Orest Naerumar

    Orest Naerumar

    Shopkeeper in Fallcrest
  • Orontor


    Mage of Saruun in the Seven Pillared Hall
  • Peridin Drysdale

    Peridin Drysdale

    Paladin of Erathis, Bailiff of Restwell Keep.
  • Perrin


    Parn's older brother. Blacksmith in Nenlast.
  • Prine


    Elven Lt. of the Shrouded Crags. Later revealed to be a traitor and double agent of Gondra.
  • Quarn


    Parn's eldest brother - mayor of Nenlast
  • Quasar


    Ancient warrior of Izen's dreams
  • Ragnar


    Chief of the Tigerclaw barbarians - HUGE fan of Kord and Izen the Cold. Newly appointed Fist in the Nentir Legionnaires.
  • Ramander the Wise

    Ramander the Wise

    "The Master of Portals". Human mage who dwells in Sigil and has made it his life's mission to map and control as many of Sigil's portals that he can.
  • Rangrim


    Son of Thorvil ,son of Thane Harvak of Clan Glintshield.
  • Raven's Eyre

    Raven's Eyre

    1. Church of the Raven Queen in Gloomwrought headed by a shadar-kai High Priestess Shelin-Ra
  • Rendil Halfmoon

    Rendil Halfmoon

    Halfling rescued by Fang and Steel in Thunderspire - runs an Inn in the Seven Pillared Hall.
  • Salvana Wrafton

    Salvana Wrafton

    Innkeeper in Winterhaven
  • Selarund Halfmoon

    Selarund Halfmoon

    Master of the Halfmoon Trading House in Fallcrest
  • Shelin-Ra


    Shadar-kai High Priestess of Raven's Eyre in Gloomwrought
  • Shemeshka the Marauder

    Shemeshka the Marauder

    Powerful and wealthy entrepreneur in Sigil. Likes to make sure people owe her "favors".
  • Sheriff Duren

    Sheriff Duren

    Sheriff of Nenlast under Quarn
  • Skalmad


    Troll of Izen's dreams
  • Slice


    Shadar-kai cutpurse in Gloomwrought - member of the Veiled League
  • Smedley


    A Fallcrest guardsman rising in fame for actions in support of Fang and Steel.
  • Talis Mandragoran

    Talis Mandragoran

    Ancient warrior of Izen's dreams - now known as Arantham Gravespeaker, Exarch of Orcus
  • Tavaras Demoncaller

    Tavaras Demoncaller

    Veiled League Mage in Gloomwrought. Was the guardian of the Cavefire Wine the PC's procured for Estavan.
  • Teldorthan Ironhews

    Teldorthan Ironhews

    Dwarven smith in Fallcrest
  • Ten


    An ancient warforged tasked with guarding The Fragment of Nerull. Released by Fang & Steel. New acolyte at the Fastormel temple of Kord.
  • Tenebrous Cabal

    Tenebrous Cabal

    Gloomwroughts Mages Guild - deals mostly in Shadow Magic. Led by The Shadowed Mage.
  • The Boneseer

    The Boneseer

    A mysterious figure of unknown origins and motives.
  • The Cauldron

    The Cauldron

    Full name unknown. Can be used to create The Innocent. Currently in the possesion of Skalmad and apparently has some power over death.
  • The Eye

    The Eye

    A mysterious item somehow connected to Skalmad and the Cauldron - apparently gives some sort of power over death when used in conjuction with the Cauldron
  • The Ice Primordial

    The Ice Primordial

    True name unknown. Banished to Death's Reach by Nerull's Fragment thousands of years ago.
  • The Innocent

    The Innocent

    Ancient animated suits of armor of Izen's dreams
  • The River Rats

    The River Rats

    A street gang in Lowtown, run by Kelson
  • The Shadowed Mage

    The Shadowed Mage

    Arch Mage of the Tenebrous Cabal
  • The Veiled Master

    The Veiled Master

    The Guildmaster of the Veiled League in Gloomwrought.
  • Thorvil


    Son of Thane Harvak of Clan Glintshield.
  • Thunderbelly


    Dwarven warrior. Fist in the Nentir Legionnaires.
  • Tobolar Swiftriver

    Tobolar Swiftriver

    Nimozaran the Green's only apprentice. Currently apprenticed to Parn of Nenlast and adventuring with Fang & Steel Company.
  • Tryn


    Parn's younger sister.
  • Twyla Vahl

    Twyla Vahl

    Half elf warlord. Fist in the Nentir Legionnaires.
  • Valthrun the Prescient

    Valthrun the Prescient

    Sage dwelling in Winterhaven
  • Vani


    Parn's youngest sister.
  • Veiled League

    Veiled League

    Gloomwrought's thieves guild led by the Veiled Master
  • Vyrellis the Orb

    Vyrellis the Orb

    Female elven archer, companion of Karavakos that fled during his battle with Fang and Steel. Punished by Arantham for her cowardice and Karakos' failure. Currently a disembodied head in an orb - the wearabouts of her body is unknown.
  • Yarol


    Owner and Innkeep of the House of the Black Lanterns
  • Zirithian


    Eladrin avenger - former member of Blood and Bone. Betrayed his comrades and seized Nerull's Fragment. Aspires to be an Exarch of Orcus.
  • Zynic


    Ancient warrior of Izen's dreams
  • “The Shadowed Chain”

    “The Shadowed Chain”

    A strange and secretive cult within Clan Glintshield.