Izen the Cold


Priest of Kord

Unofficial leader of The Company of Fang and Steel.

Early on in his adventuring career, Izen the Cold fell into the role of spokesman for Fang and Steel Company. In this way he has become recognized as Fang and Steel’s public face and has become thought of as the Leader of Fang and Steel. While not having been formally nominated for the job, Izen fulfills his role with courage and wisdom, knowing that he has the full support and respect of the other members of Fang and Steel Company. Currently holds rank of Fist in the Nentir Legionnaires, member of the Fastormel Advisory Council and Kingdom of Nentir Knight of Honor.


Grew up in Southport. Trained as an acolyte at the local temple of Kord. No experiences of any significance until the end of training. Towards the end of acolyte training all priests are assigned to units of the city garrison or watch to gain combat experience. Someone who is smart enough can position themselves so that they never have to leave the city walls. I ,however, volunteered to serve with a long range patrol regiment. During a patrol we were 3 days out investigating reports of a new group of bandit raiders in the region. As we draw near to the bandit area of operation we pick up rumors that this is no new group, a new leader has united 3 or 4 of the most aggressive groups into 1. Our advance scouts report that the band is holed up in a small village called Nierkeeping. We attacked, during the
skirmish several villagers are injured and 3/4 of the bandits killed. The remaining including the new leader break and run. The other priests with us dismount and begin tending to the wounded villagers, I remained with the garrison in pursuit. After a day we hunted and exterminated all remaining bandits and bring the head of the leader back as proof. While never being chastised for my decision not to render aid to the villagers the opinion of most of the others at the temple was I should have supported the decision of the other priests and remained to render aid. It was at this time that I first heard myself being referred to as “Izen the Cold”. Rather than accept the insult for what it was I took the name as my own. Knowing that my time at the temple was over I set forth to find my own path.

Izen the Cold

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