Tammunasta Sylvanira

Ranger / Twin Weapon Fighter


Armor Class: (20)

Hit Points: (59)

Bloodied (29)

Fortitude: (18)

Will: (18)

Reflex: (19)

Speed: (7)

Healing Surge/Day: (7)

Surge Value: (14)

Trained Skills:

Acrobatics (10), Athletics (10), Nature (12), Perception (12), Stealth (12),Thievery (10)


Toughness (bonus feat), Sneak of Shadows, Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Two-Weapon Fighting,
Trained (Bastard Sword)

Languages Known: Elven, Common


At Will: Twin Strike, Hit & Run

Encouner: Off hand Stike, Ruffling Sting, Sweeping Whirlwind

Utility: Hunters Privilege, Weave through the Fray

Daily: Jaws of the Wolf, Frenzied Skirmish


Tammunasta Sylvanira

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