I, Erindiya of Dis, sworn sergeant of Dispator, currently under contract to Lord Vecna, enter into the following compact with the five undersigned Mortals.

I agree to cease powering the adjacent ritual with Nenlast’s mortal childrens life energy.

I agree to release the captives I seized from Nenlast.

I agree to release my hold over all the citizens of Nenlast I have dominated.

I will leave Nenlast and not return for a period of not less than 150 years.

I will provide each undersigned mortal with a magic item of their choosing subject to the discussed power limitations within 24 hours.

I agree to use the blood and energy granted by the undersigned mortals for the intended purpose of completing the adjacent scrying ritual only and for no other purposes.

In return, the undersigned mortals –

Agree to each provide a temporary portion of blood and life energy to replace that which I was drawing from the town’s children.

Agree to allow the ritual to proceed to its completion.

Agree to allow myself and my minions leave Nenlast unharmed

Signed in Blood and Fire,

Erindiya of Dis

Parn of Nenlast

Izen the Cold

Tamuunasta Sylvanira

Rrett Shalesmasher

Arawn Darkdreamer


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